Chubbsafes 2-in-1 Safe

Chubbsafes 2-in-1 safe final

Key Features:

  • Designed for document and valuables protection
  • Fire resistant drawers
  • Extendable drawer for full access
  • Individual drawers are UL 72 and IS 550 compliant
  • Unique intelligent system offers individual drawer control
  • An Inter locking system is standard and provides the ability to control access to individual drawers
  • Pilfering of a locked drawer via an open drawer is protected against by means of a steel diving plate between each drawer
  • The bottom safe offers both fire and burglary protection
  • Double walled safe with specially formulated barrier material to resist from burglary and fire
  • Vital parts are protected by a drill resistant material
  • Internal shelf and lockable drawers are standard


Product External Dimensions (mm) Weight Approx Internal Dimensions (mm)
Height Width Depth (Kg.) Height Width Depth
2 in 1 Safe 1586 550 779
Top 2 Drawers FRFC & Safe at Bottom FRFC 730 290 387 608
SAFE 676 427 608